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BCAA and Whey Protein
Matrix Pre-workout and Trinity logo short sleeve shirt
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Matrix Pre-workout and BCAA
Trinity Nutrition Lab short sleeve shirt

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Obtain the next level of athletic boosting, drive your determination towards your next health goal. Trinity Nutrition Lab is proud to bring you Matrix Pre-Workout alongside other health supplements.  Are you just beginning your journey in the gym world? Are you a veteran athlete? Relax, Trinity Nutrition Lab is ready to spot you every step of the way. Each product is designed to not only showcase proven results during the workout but are going to propel you for future performance. All Trinity Nutrition Lab products were designed with YOU in mind allowing for healthy progression combined with savings. Unlike other supplement companies who are only interested in their sales, Trinity Nutrition Lab goes beyond, creating individual connections with our customers to ensure their overall happiness. Friendly staff is always available to provide the right product to fit each goal you have. Don't just walk down the path of the journey, Run with Trinity Nutrition Lab, achieve true results. 

Hi, My name is Cataldo Leone and I am here for you! Through the years I was like most people in and out of the gym not always committed to the grind of "gym life". That all changed when a dear friend of mine helped me pursue a new journey. Thanks to my knowledge of health supplements over the past several years, I started Trinity Nutrition Lab to provide the essentials in athletic health supplements. Now, I drive myself to a dedicated workout regime and I am here to share my knowledge so you can do the same. I am proud of the support and love from each connection I make. The gym is your house and the people you meet inside is your family, be apart of my family, be apart of the Trinity Nutrition Lab Family! 


Took Matrix pre-workout and I loved it . The taste is amazing and I didn't get any jitters. this product gets me going on my gym session everytime


Love the Matrix pre-workout gets me energized and gives me a great pump. Flavor is awesome. Best part no jitters or tingles 


As a full time father and business owner the Matrix pre-workout has given me the boost to keep fitness in my busy schedule while also keeping on my feet outside the gym.